Month: October 2017

Some Quick Announcements

Hi Friends! We wanted to give you a quick update on the future of Columbus Road Prints.

We are having a 30% off sale this weekend in our Etsy shop to clear out our listings.
New Releases will be Nov. 1 in our personal shop only and will not be listed on Etsy. We are selling off our merchandise on Etsy and fully moving to our personal shop. We would love to offer the convenience of both shops to our customers but cannot do so any longer. We sincerely hope you will join us on our new adventure!

Don’t forget the PLANNER BLOCK PARTY SALE – NOV3-NOV6. and our Black Friday Event!

We love and cherish you and thank you for helping to keep our store alive!




Here is a little something special I illustrated for you – to show my appreciation for your support to my shop!
Click your choice below to download a zip folder that contains 2 pdfs and some basic instructions to make your
own Pocket/Field Notes insert for your TN! Print Actual Size, cut in half, stack, fold, and trim to make a great little
weekly planner for your #2 Foxy Fix Pocket Planner or your favorite Pocket TN!

You must unzip the file. The box in bottom left corner is the EC full box size so you can use those full box stickers!

*Note! You must sign into the account with your info to download from our shop, but rest assured we do NOT sell your info!
(That is just dumb!) and you will only get email from us if you subscribe to receive it. You will get a transactional email
for your downloads. BTW, subscription to our mailing list is FREE (just saying) and you get special VIP COUPONS!
It’s “Like totally worth it!”

Tell your friends and hope you enjoy!

Tammy Sherman
Columbus Road Prints

****PS The files are subject to updates if issues are discovered that I am unaware of from my testing.

Shop Announcements – Calendar of Events!

I wanted to give you all a little update on our upcoming events and announcements!

We have a new Planner Group on Facebook called Columbus Road Planners for you ladies to chat and show your Columbus Road Prints pages as well as get announcements! We will not be making announcements to our Business Page – only in the Private Group. Be sure to jump in and have some fun! Keep it clean (please) and let’s all make it a nice place to be 🙂 Share your things to be thankful for and what you are working on! I love all your ideas and personalities. Please do not post customer service questions and sale info about other shops in our group.

Oct. 9 We are currently releasing our Planner Girl sticker designs in individual downloads for personal use. These are in our shop. They can be added to Goodnotes (We will have lots more coming for the Digital Planners!) for Digital planning by drag and drop of the PNG file, then resize to the size you want. You can also place many on one page and print and cut for your own sticker use! (These downloads are for a Non-Commercial license only).

Nov 1. New January Releases (subject to change) but this is the date we have marked on the Calendar. It takes a lot of work all month to make the deadline and know the goal is always to meet it on time!

Nov. 3 12pm EST -Nov. 6 11:59pm EST: Planner Block Party! This will be a Group sale event and a coupon code will be give out in Instagram to receive the discount. Planner Block Party has a group on Facebook you can join for info on all the shops participating!

We will be closed some time around the Veteran’s Holiday. Projected: Nov. 7-13 subject to change.

Nov. 24 (Friday) Black Friday Event! We will have a sale event on that day! We will mail out VIP coupons to those on our mailing list that accept marketing. You must be subscribed or the email will not go to you – I am not allowed to change those settings. That has to be done by the customer. You will be able to stack this VIP COUPON on top of the sale!  Other announcements for Black Friday to come!

Dec. 1 February New Releases.

As always, Love you all and thank you for making my job the funnest job in the world. As long as you love the stickers, I will keep making them. If you have any issues with your purchase or need customer service, feel free to contact me personally at Love, Tammy